Prototyping and manufacturing

Ingenjörsfirma Tommy Leindahl AB can develop prototypes from initial idea to finished physical product. Thanks to the very wide-ranging expertise and the close link between the engineering and manufacturing, the development process can be done quickly and easily and adapted to the needs of new ideas and solutions.

ITL AB has its own workshop equipped for a variety of manufacturing methods. Through the extremely close cooperation between our designers and mechanical engineers, we get a very quick and reliable development process in which the design ideas can be quickly verified in a real situation. 

We have several CNC machines for milling, drilling and turning. We have a fully equipped welding shop where we can work with several different welding techniques with most weldable materials. We have machines for cutting and bending sheet metal and pipes.T

hrough our close collaborations with other engineering companies, we can also quickly and easily have details made with most possible manufacturing methods.


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