ITL AB has the following vision: to always put our customers’ production first. Thanks to the latest technology and know-how, we can develop and shape our customers’ products towards a leading position on the market.

Our quality policy

We shall supply automation solutions, which at least meet our customers’ expectations of functionality, precision and reliability. 

Our customers shall receive committed support from competent staff in the daily use of our products. In order to achieve this, all work done by Ingenjörsfirma Tommy Leindahl AB shall be characterised by: 

  • Close to our customer – supplier relations
  • High level of commitment among our staff, in an effective organisation where everyone helps each other. 
  • A positive mind-set among all staff to continually want to improve products, relations and procedures. 
  • We shall follow up on and analyse work we have done. 
  • We shall take full responsibility for our choice of partners and the work they do.